The Economics French job market

While many tenure-track positions and PhD in economics are offered in the European Job market conference, certain such positions in France are specific. The yearly ADRES job market conference focuses on the French job market in Economics; it intends to provide relevant information, and facilitate meetings between the candidates and potential recruiters.

During the 2024 ADRES job market conference that was held in January 2024 at CEPS, a round-table gathered representants of various potential recruiting institutions. They presented what every candidate should know about these institutions, the positions and the application process. They also have given personal advises and answered questions of the participants.

Every ADRES conference provides opportunities for the participants to discover a list of tenured, tenure-track or short-term PhD positions in universities, post-doc, ministries or other institutions, and for potential recruiters to identifies the applicants of the job market. They can make contact with each other, and meet informally or formally during the conference.